TOP 10: Ways to add value to your home


1.       Modernise the kitchen for a family home.

The heart of the home, the kitchen, is a focal point for many buyers. Consider updating countertops, cabinets, or appliances for a modern and inviting look. Creating an open plan kitchen living area really adds a lot to the value of a home if your budget can stretch to it.


2.       Apply for Planning Permission

Applying for planning permission can be a gamechanger for some buyers. Planning permission can take a long time and new buyers may jump at the chance to buy a home with planning permission. Even if the design is not what they want, having planning permission already opens the door for negotiations with the council.


3.       Build an extension.

If possible, consider adding living space by finishing a basement, converting an attic, or building a deck. Extra usable space adds significant value. An extension can change the overall appearance, feel and flow of a home considerably, especially if it also includes alterations to the floor plan. This could be a money-making scheme by adding a lot of value to the property, or it could be a reason to stay!


4.       Exterior home Makeovers

If you have a dated home, a fresh coat of paint, render or new cladding can really enhance the first impressions for buyers.


5.       Improve Thermal Efficiency

Improving thermal efficiency is a sure-fire way to get more interest in your property. This can be as simple as adding insulation to the attic or replacing the windows.


6.       Replace your windows.

Replacing the windows adds both curb appeal, a whole new look to the property and thermal performance improvement.


7.       Landscaping

It doesn’t have to be the garden of Eden; but a small amount of landscaping, just enough to give new buyers a vision of what it could be can definitely help sell a home.


8.       Declutter

There is nothing more that puts new buyers off than clutter. Lots of things stacked causes anxiety in those people who live a minimalist life or (a tidy life)! This easy fix can help sell your home much quicker.

You could move a lot of clutter into storage containers or off-site storage units ready to move into your new home (or the skip).


9.       Enhanced Storage Solutions

Ample storage space is always appreciated. Add built-in storage solutions like closets or cabinets to increase functionality and attract buyers.

Remember, while these upgrades can increase your home's value, it's essential to consider your location, current market trends, and the quality of renovations. Consulting with a local real estate expert can provide valuable insights into which improvements will yield the best return on investment in your area.


By strategically investing in these upgrades, you can significantly enhance your home's appeal to potential buyers and maximize its value in the competitive real estate market.