Permitted Development

Permitted Development Rights (PDR) refer to a set of planning rules in the United Kingdom that allow certain types of development and changes to be made to properties without the need for a formal planning application. These rights provide a more streamlined process for specific alterations or extensions to buildings, aiming to simplify and expedite minor developments while still ensuring they adhere to certain criteria and standards.


Key aspects of Permitted Development Rights include:

Types of Development: PDR cover various types of changes or developments, such as small-scale extensions, changes in the use of buildings, installation of solar panels, certain alterations to roofs, and the construction of certain types of outbuildings, among others.


Conditions and Limitations: There are specific limitations and conditions attached to each type of permitted development. These include restrictions on the size, location, height, and materials used, ensuring that developments meet certain criteria to maintain the character and appearance of the area.


Prior Approval: While planning permission is not required for developments falling under permitted development rights, some changes might still need 'prior approval.' This involves seeking confirmation from the local planning authority that certain aspects of the development meet specific criteria, such as the impact on neighboring properties or the environment.


Exemptions and Exceptions: Some properties, such as listed buildings, properties in conservation areas, or those subject to specific planning conditions, might have restricted or limited permitted development rights. These properties often require full planning permission for alterations or extensions.


Recent Changes and Updates: The rules surrounding permitted development rights are subject to changes and updates by the government. New regulations or amendments can alter the scope or limitations of permitted development, so it's essential for property owners to stay updated with current guidelines.


Permitted Development Rights offer property owners flexibility and expedited processes for specific types of developments. However, it's crucial to understand the limitations, seek professional advice, and ensure compliance with the specific rules and conditions outlined in the permitted development regulations to avoid potential legal issues or complications.