Design and Build

For many of our clients, the prospect of extending, building or amending their home can seem a daunting and complex process. We can stay with you throughout your project, help filter the jargon and manage contractors to make the process as stress-free as possible.


Since the practice began, we have developed excellent relationships with local contractors who, like us, specialise in residential projects. To provide a more complete package, we have now replaced our builder tendering service with our new Design and Build model. Here, we assign one of our Trusted Build Partners to your project on your behalf.


With this service, we combine design and architectural expertise with construction and project management. This new partnership enables us to facilitate and execute your vision for the design in an efficient and controlled manner using the architectural plans we have agreed upon or given architectural advice on.


As part of the Design and Build service, we will oversee the project: carrying out routine site inspections and resolving all concerns promptly and ensure the building work complies with our drawings and what we have planning permission for and the compliant building regs drawings package.

Why use our Design and Build method?

Details: We care about the little things! Of course, you are welcome to use builders who have been recommended to you by friends and family, or even ones you know nothing of their reputation. However, by using our architect-led Design and Build service, you will have the reassurance that the same professionals who carefully created the concept design for your dream home will be there to ensure that this vision is realised. 


We care deeply about our clients and their dream homes and would be delighted to see your project through to completion for you.


By deciding to move forward with our architect-led Design and Build service, your project will be managed and coordinated from start to finish combining our architectural expertise with our carefully selected expert contractors' skills. 


Peace of mind!

Communication & Management

Construction projects can often be complex and involved. With many professionals all working together, communication is key to effective management and quality of service. We act on your behalf to ensure all contractors involved in the project are kept up-to-date with the latest decisions and drawings. We liaise with other professionals such as structural engineers, building control bodies, quantity surveyors and kitchen designers, making sure the project runs smoothly.  

Finishing Touches

We can assist with every aspect of your dream home design including flooring, wall coverings, soft furnishings and lighting design. These all-important features can be the finishing touches to a well-planned home.

3D Modeling & Rendered Visuals

With our in-house team of CGI 3D designers, we can create 3D models and rendered images to help you visualise your project(s). This process is extremely valuable and can begin to inform the interior design of a space and help make critical architectural detailing decisions. A 3D model can be as simple or as complex as you wish. We can create fully integrated interior design visuals or simply images to help you to understand how a space will feel.


Whatever you need, we can provide.