Cherry Orchard

Higher Whitley

"Karen's dedication and focus on delivering to us our beautiful home never wavered during the complex design and often technically difficult build process. We have no hesitation in saying that had Karen not been on our "job" we would not have the house we now enjoy living in." 


John & Sue Lawson, Cherry Orchard, Higher Whitley

Cherry Orchard Design Story...

The brief for Cherry Orchard initially involved modest extensions including raising the ridge height by less than 300mm to properly insulate it so that the occupants could walk comfortably across their landing.  The planners said “no”.  The property is in the greenbelt and had already been extended by more than 30% (the acceptable limit at that time). The layout was already compromised by poorly considered extensions and the position of the dwelling within the plot provided very little private outdoor space. So, a replacement dwelling was proposed and we drew the house plans for our client.


Before preparing designs for a replacement dwelling, a Certificate of Lawful Development for all permitted development extensions available to the property was obtained to provide a larger volume to play with. The replacement dwelling would, therefore, not be “materially larger” than the dwelling (plus potential extensions) and would comply with national planning policies. An extra 10% volume on top of this was also deemed acceptable by the planners. Once the replacement dwelling was approved, a new application which added a basement to the replacement dwelling was submitted and approved. A further application was then made for a three-bay garage, which was approved.


The replacement dwelling is of oak-frame construction in a traditional style with contemporary features. The double-height, dual-aspect entrance hall with galleried landing provides an enormous sense of space, light and connectivity with the outside.

At ground floor level, the west wing includes an open-plan kitchen/dining/garden room arrangement and a utility/boot room. The east wing includes a study to the front elevation and a separate sitting room enjoying views of the garden at the rear. The downstairs loo and coat storage (where views are less important) are located in the middle of the plan.


The master bedroom suite takes up the whole east wing of the first floor, with two further guest bedrooms and a shared bathroom on the west wing. The basement includes a cinema room, a wine cellar and a plant room. 

Padacre House

Smallwood, Cheshire

In response to the need for a large new build replacement dwelling in green belt land while maximizing development size within permitted boundaries, an innovative architectural design was crafted, harmonizing with the surrounding environment. The structure leverages permitted development rights to optimize its size and function while adhering to strict green belt regulations.


The dwelling, a culmination of sustainable construction principles, embodies a sophisticated yet unobtrusive form. Its architecture blends contemporary elements with eco-conscious features, incorporating renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and geothermal heating, to minimize environmental impact. The building's scale is calculated, respecting the maximum development size while seamlessly integrating with the natural landscape.


Strategic placement of the structure utilizes the available space, minimizing disruption to the green belt. The interior layout prioritizes spacious, functional rooms, allowing ample natural light to permeate the living spaces. Large windows frame picturesque views, fostering a connection with the surrounding greenery.


The property's landscaping is meticulously designed to conserve the existing flora and fauna, promoting biodiversity within the green belt. A sustainable garden with indigenous plants further complements the dwelling, creating a cohesive blend of modern living and environmental stewardship.

Stirling Black Box

Congleton, Cheshire

The primary objective for this residence cantered on the replacement of the existing conservatory with a contemporary rear extension, aimed at cultivating a flexible, open plan living and dining area conducive to year-round functionality. The culmination of this endeavour has resulted in the creation of a stunning rear open-plan kitchen living space that encapsulates the essence of modern living.


Not only did this renovation successfully achieve the envisioned rear extension, but it also led to an extensive remodelling of the ground floor, catering to the specific needs of the household. This reconfiguration accommodates two distinct home offices, providing dedicated workspaces for the parents. These well-designed work areas offer privacy and functionality, allowing both mum and dad to effectively balance professional responsibilities within the comfort of their home.


Moreover, a unique playroom was thoughtfully crafted for the children, offering a space that fosters creativity, play, and exploration. Designed with the youthful imagination in mind, this playroom not only provides an area for recreation but also serves as a nurturing environment for learning and growth.



The resulting transformation of the ground floor epitomizes versatility and practicality, enhancing the overall functionality of the home. The seamless integration of the contemporary rear extension with the redesigned interior layout has not only met but exceeded the initial objectives. The residence now stands as a harmonious blend of sophisticated design and practical utility, perfectly tailored to the dynamic needs of the modern family.

The Light Box

Biddulph, Staffordshire

The addition of a small extension to this family home has yielded a remarkable transformation, resulting in a seamlessly connected open-plan space that offers captivating views of the garden. The introduction of this extension has proven instrumental in integrating the interior with the outdoor landscape, providing an inviting and expansive area for family gatherings and entertainment.


One of the standout features of this extension is the incorporation of a bi-fold window, serving as a pivotal element that seamlessly merges the indoor and outdoor areas. This innovative addition not only accentuates the visual connection with the garden but also enables a fluid transition between the interior and exterior spaces. The bi-fold window has been ingeniously designed to create a convenient serving hatch, facilitating easy access for passing drinks and food between the indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.



This thoughtful addition not only enhances the overall functionality of the home but also significantly augments the experience of gatherings and social events. The extension, with its integrated bi-fold window, becomes the focal point for leisure, offering the opportunity for endless enjoyment and social engagement. Whether hosting parties or simply relaxing, the space now invites an effortless flow between the indoor comforts and the natural beauty of the garden, creating an ambiance perfect for leisure and entertainment.


Congleton, Cheshire

The bungalow in Congleton presented a challenge for a growing family amidst a landscape dominated by two-story housing. Struggling to accommodate their needs within the existing space, the clients sought a solution that would harmonize with their expanding lifestyle. The proposal addressed these challenges by envisioning a comprehensive transformation of the home.


The initial step involved the demolition of the existing conservatory, which had become a space primarily used for storage, plagued by extreme temperature variations—uncomfortably cold in the winter and excessively warm in the summer. To address these issues, a small but strategic extension was proposed at the rear of the property, occupying the former conservatory space and altering the house's structure to create a more streamlined and uniform rear facade.


A key design feature was the introduction of a knock-through from the existing living room, establishing a spacious and multifunctional open-plan kitchen, living, and dining area. This innovative layout not only provided ample room for various family activities but also redefined the dynamics of the home, fostering connectivity and a sense of openness.



The result is a thoughtfully reimagined and beautifully considered home, where the reconfigured spaces seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. The extension and restructured interior have not only resolved the challenges of space and comfort but have also elevated the dwelling into a modern, adaptable, and inviting haven perfectly suited to the evolving needs of the family.

Attic Conversion 

Congleton, Cheshire

Phase 2 of the development at No. 34 presented an opportunity to further enhance the property. The proposal cantered around an attic conversion aimed at addressing the need for additional space within the house. The primary focus was on creating a substantial master bedroom with an attached ensuite bathroom and an adjacent office area.


The attic conversion introduced a remarkable transformation, optimizing the previously unused space to fulfil the family's requirements. The focal point of this renovation was the establishment of a generously sized master bedroom, providing a private retreat within the home. The inclusion of an ensuite bathroom offered convenience and luxury, catering to the need for a dedicated and intimate space for personal use.


In addition to the bedroom and ensuite, the incorporation of an office area responded to the demand for a functional workspace. This designated office space added practicality to the design, accommodating the requirements for a private work area within the confines of the home.



The outcome of this phase represents an intelligent utilization of previously untapped space, successfully addressing the need for an additional bedroom and amenities. The attic conversion has not only expanded the liveable area but also brought a sense of comfort, functionality, and sophistication to the property, meeting the evolving needs of the residents in a beautifully crafted and purposeful manner.

Stone House Garden

Bollington, Cheshire

Working with a limited plot and challenging terrain, this project presented a unique set of constraints. The goal was to reimagine the space within a small dwelling, which originally consisted of a cramped box kitchen, separate lounge, and diner areas. The primary objective was to create a more spacious and interconnected living environment.


The transformation focused on integrating the existing fragmented spaces into a larger, unified open-plan area. The small box kitchen, separate lounge, and diner were reconfigured to form a harmonious and multifunctional kitchen/living/dining space. This reorganization not only optimized the available area but also fostered a sense of openness and connectivity within the limited plot.


An additional challenge involved renovating the bathroom, requiring creative manipulation of the stairs to accommodate the necessary changes. This innovative adaptation ensured that all the essential elements could be fitted within the confined space of the small dwelling. By strategically managing the layout, every inch was utilized to provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.



The outcome of the project is a testament to efficient spatial planning and intelligent design, overcoming the challenges posed by the small plot and demanding terrain. The resulting open-plan living space, along with the successful bathroom renovation, reflects a seamless fusion of functionality and style within the constraints of the limited area, ultimately transforming the small dwelling into a more expansive and versatile living environment.

The Garden Room & Bar


The addition of a garden bar and entertaining space is an enticing and inviting prospect, particularly during the warmer months. The installation of bi-fold doors offers an exciting opportunity to seamlessly merge the interior and exterior spaces, making it an ideal setting for hosting vibrant garden parties and delightful BBQ gatherings. Working with architects in Alderley edge makes a difference!


These bi-fold doors, when slid open, become a gateway between the indoors and the garden, creating a fluid transition that extends the entertaining area. The flexibility of these doors allows for an expansive opening, inviting in fresh air and abundant natural light, blurring the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Imagine the ease and delight of hosting social gatherings with the garden bar as a focal point. This designated entertaining space not only encourages conviviality but also sets the stage for memorable moments, whether it’s a lively party, a relaxed get-together, or an evening BBQ. The seamless connection between the garden bar and the outdoor area facilitates a free-flowing ambiance, perfect for enjoying the sunny weather and the company of friends and family.



The allure of these bi-fold doors lies in their ability to transform the environment, offering an inviting and versatile space that adapts effortlessly to different occasions. They create an enticing backdrop for entertainment, making the prospect of sliding them open in the summer an irresistible invitation to host joyful gatherings and revel in the outdoor splendour.

Clover Kitchen,

Crewe, Cheshire

The overhaul of this new build house has been an extensive and transformative process, involving a comprehensive renovation and complete reconfiguration. A pivotal decision in this renovation was the relocation of the kitchen to the rear of the house, a move designed to unlock the potential for a reimagined open-plan area that seamlessly integrates the kitchen, dining, and living spaces.

This strategic redesign aimed to create a more fluid and functional living environment. The amalgamation of the kitchen, dining, and living areas into an open-plan layout not only maximizes the use of available space but also fosters a sense of interconnectedness and versatility within the home.


To complement this interior transformation, a pergola has been proposed in the rear of the house. This addition is intended to facilitate outdoor dining and leisure during the warmer months. The pergola offers an inviting space for alfresco dining, providing a seamless extension of the indoor living area into the outdoors. This strategic extension contributes to a harmonious blend of interior comfort and outdoor living, enriching the overall living experience.



The result of this meticulous reshaping and reimagining of space is a home that not only boasts an improved interior layout but also effortlessly extends the living experience to the outdoors. The synthesis of indoor and outdoor areas creates a unified and versatile space, accommodating various lifestyles and preferences while maintaining a harmonious and inviting atmosphere throughout.

Farm House Alterations

Biddulph, Staffordshire

The exquisitely designed staircase and its accompanying lighting play a central role in a meticulously executed masterplan for a comprehensive reconfiguration. This intricate overhaul involved the deliberate removal of several walls and a thoughtful reimagining of the building's layout. The previously expansive but unutilized upper landing has undergone a stunning metamorphosis, emerging as a resplendent mezzanine landing.


This transformation has been instrumental in introducing an abundance of natural light and creating a more open, spacious atmosphere within the area. The reconfigured layout not only optimizes the use of space but also infuses the environment with a sense of airiness and natural illumination, setting the stage for a more inviting and vibrant setting.


A particularly noteworthy aspect of this transformation is the integration of captivating and carefully curated lighting features. These elements have been strategically placed to complement the architectural design, accentuating the staircase and the surrounding area. The lighting not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a layer of elegance and ambiance, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.



The meticulous attention to detail in this reconfiguration, particularly in the design of the staircase, the reimagined mezzanine landing, and the thoughtfully incorporated lighting, showcases a masterful blend of form and function. This transformation has not only optimized the spatial layout but has also significantly enhanced the ambiance, creating a visually stunning and welcoming space within the building.

New Build Home Improvements

Congleton, Cheshire

The addition of a sleek contemporary link extension has expertly bridged the physical gap between a family's residence and their recently converted garage. This elegant extension not only serves as a practical connection but also unifies the architectural elements, resulting in a seamless and modern living space.


This contemporary link extension stands out as a sophisticated and well-integrated component, harmonizing the design language between the residence and the converted garage. Its sleek and modern aesthetic not only complements the existing structures but also introduces a cohesive and unified look to the entire property.


Beyond its visual appeal, the extension has been crafted with careful attention to functionality, catering to the family's needs. By serving as a seamless connection, it has enhanced the overall usability of the space, providing a practical and inviting area that meets the family's functional requirements.



The success of this contemporary link extension lies in its ability to blend practicality and design, creating a space that not only serves as a physical connection but also harmonizes the architectural elements. It stands as a testament to thoughtful design, seamlessly merging the old with the new, while enhancing both the functionality and the aesthetics of the family's living environment.

Interior Designed


The exquisitely designed extension stands as a testament to the visionary expertise of an interior designer, meticulously crafted with a profound appreciation for detail. This space reflects the culmination of the designer's unwavering dedication and discerning eye, seamlessly extending the area while preserving a continuous thread of style and character.


Every aspect of this extension showcases not only the designer's skill but also their acute understanding of maintaining a consistent and cohesive aesthetic. The fusion of existing elements with new additions is executed with finesse, resulting in a harmonious and unified space.

The success of this extension lies in the designer's ability to meticulously blend the existing style with the new design elements. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the selection of colours and textures, has been carefully considered to ensure a seamless integration that upholds the space's original character while infusing it with a renewed sense of style.



This space serves as a testament to the designer's talent in creating an environment that exudes both sophistication and a sense of continuity. The design not only extends the area practically but also elevates it aesthetically, resulting in a seamless and captivating space that pays homage to the existing style while embracing new elements in perfect unison.


Mow Cop

This project involves a transformative renovation of a modest-sized house, enhancing both its aesthetics and functionality. The focal point of this renovation is the new extension that is part porch and dining room extension, along with internal reworks to remove unnecessary hallways and doorways. 


Externally, the house will undergo a stunning facelift. The existing facade will be updated with a modern render finish, offering a clean and contemporary appearance. To add warmth and texture, timber cladding will be introduced, contrasting beautifully with the sleek render. This combination of materials not only enhances the property's curb appeal but also ensures durability and low maintenance.

New Build


Initially, a restaurant car park, this new construction stands as one of three residences established by the collaborative efforts of Added Value Architecture LTD. This ambitious undertaking encompassed not only the construction of new residential structures but also the conversion of the former restaurant into three separate dwellings. The acquisition of planning permissions played a crucial role in facilitating this development, repurposing the previous parking area into a collective vision that now comprises a total of six distinct and meticulously designed residential spaces.


The project's inception involved a significant transformation from a commercial space into a residential community, embodying thoughtful design and vision. The process required careful planning and architectural expertise to repurpose the existing area and create a cohesive residential development. The successful acquisition of planning permissions played a pivotal role in enabling the transition from a restaurant car park to a collection of carefully crafted residences.


The collective vision realized by Added Value Architecture LTD has resulted in the creation of not just individual homes but an integrated residential community. Each of the six distinct residential spaces reflects a unique and purposeful design, converting what was once a restaurant parking area into a harmonious and thoughtfully developed residential environment.


Oak House


The grand individual residence, while undeniably beautiful, required modifications to better suit the preferences of its new occupant. To address this disparity, a proposal for internal renovations was set forth, aiming to instil a sense of harmony and cater to the occupant's desires. This plan included the addition of an innkeeping dormer and a modest rear extension.


The primary goal was to fashion a spacious, open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area, allowing for a seamless and fluid space where daily life could unfold effortlessly. The intention was to reimagine the interior layout, promoting a more functional and harmonious environment that aligned with the occupant's lifestyle.


The proposed innkeeping dormer and rear extension were meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing structure. These additions were carefully crafted to complement the elegance of the original home while accommodating the desires and practical needs of the current resident.



The thoughtful reimagining of the space sought to marry the inherent charm and elegance of the existing home with the specific preferences of the occupant. The aim was to reinvigorate the space, infusing it with both character and functionality, resulting in a revitalized and welcoming atmosphere tailored to the occupant's vision of an ideal living space.

Mill Hill

Scholar Green

The project embarks on a comprehensive rethinking and potential expansion of the existing abode to cultivate an enriched and dynamic living milieu. Its primary aim is to attend to individual lifestyle prerequisites and elevate the overall functionality of the property. Central to this mission is the establishment of a convivial kitchen/dining/family space, the creation of a dedicated lounge, and the integration of a utility/boot room, all while accommodating the needs of a dog boarding business. Additionally, the project will explore diverse avenues to expand and optimize the usable outdoor space, prioritizing the creation of a secure and tailored zone intended specifically for the dogs' well-being and safety.

Leek Road