Environmentally Conscious Materials

It would be no shock to anyone that the methods we use for construction severely affect our planet in negative ways. From concrete foundations to timber in your roof, everything comes at a cost to the planet. We all must do our part to reduce our individual carbon footprint, if not for climate change, for our wildlife and our domesticated friends. 

We can change what we eat, reduce our water usage, build wildlife-enhancing gardens, and create networks for wildlife to flourish across neighbourhoods. 


As architects, we can help change your energy use, build homes and extensions with more sustainable materials and source local materials and contractors to reduce the impact of vehicles on our roads. To do this we need the assistance of our clients and colleagues.


It is easy to dismiss sustainable solutions when costs start to rise in a project, and our clients often do in favour of more square meters of space, but we must all consider the planet we leave behind and the lives we affect by our choices.

As supporters of The Wildlife Trust and National Trust, we follow guidance in our own lives and volunteer where we can help with local ranger projects. We spend time researching and enhancing our knowledge of sustainable insulation and construction methods.


Contact us to understand how we could help you reduce your carbon footprint.